High performance, engineered building envelope solutions

CSR Inclose™ designs, engineers and installs a precision fabricated, unitised rainscreen façade system to meet or exceed today’s building codes for fire, thermal, acoustic and weather performance.

The rainscreen principle is the control of weather forces handled by a drained cavity wall plus the air pressure difference acting across the cladding.

During a rain storm, air infiltration through joints, cracks and gaps becomes a vehicle for water to get a free ride into the enclosure. The rain-screen principle recognizes this harmful potential and addresses the control of air-pressure difference across exterior-cladding assemblies.

  • Key benefits of Inclose rainscreens
    • Precision factory fabrication

    • Increased speed of enclosure

    • Greater site efficiency with less trades to manage

    • Improved safety

    • Single source building enclosure with one set of façade documents

    • Supply chain assured through local manufacture

    • Comprehensive façade warranty