Local Manufacture

Inclose prefabricates and assembles panels within a highly structured assembly workflow that adheres to strict quality control protocols. Offsite construction allows for a superior level of precision and efficiency as well as performance testing of all conditions before the panels are installed on site.

Typically, around 50% of the fa├žade is completed prior to installation commencing to allow for rapid installation and construction program compression.

The CSR Inclose factory is located in Port Kembla, NSW near Wollongong to service the east coast of Australia.

Fabrication process

  • 1 Engineered, welded steel frame
  • 2 Rigid air, water and vapour barriers adhered
  • 3 Perimeter extrusion and gasket attached
  • 4 Windows and insulation installed and sealed
  • 5 Cladding sub frame added
  • 6 Chosen cladding installed